Would you like to be a Bareena Badger and be an efficient, talented, skilful, magnificent bowler? (may be not all those to start with but you get the drift) We have the right coaches for you! Laurie Wilkie, Tonia Doyle, Daniel Priddle, David Priddle and Rob (Papa) Priddle are at your service. All coaches are Premier…
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Life Membership – Darryl Griffiths

The Bareena Bowling Club inducted Darryl into its Life Membership Hall of Fame. 21/10/17 Darryl is an integral part of the Bareena Bowling Club. He is a Director of the Club and Bar Manager along with various maintenance duties. Darryl has a real love of and for the Club and is ever present around the facility. He…
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New Website

Welcome all to our new website. We plan to keep the site updated at all times with current news, upcoming events, scores, etc. We would love to get your feedback on the site and any ideas you have for improvements Regards, Simon Communications Director
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