Would you like to be a Bareena Badger and be an efficient, talented, skilful, magnificent bowler? (may be not all those to start with but you get the drift)

We have the right coaches for you!

Laurie Wilkie, Tonia Doyle, Daniel Priddle, David Priddle and Rob (Papa) Priddle are at your service.

All coaches are Premier League Players and have the necessary skills and experience to pass onto new, emerging players as well as experienced players out of form.
What ever stage you are at we have the right coach for you.

Laurie is the coaching coordinator and is at the club most days, just ask anyone for Laurie he is well known, he is also the green keeper so knows the green well.
He uses a bowling arm and is an outstanding arm coach. If you have medical problem or you are dumping the bowl he will have back bowling in no time using the arm.
(they are really easy to use and give you an advantage but you will have to find what that is when you Laurie coaches you)

Bareena is lucky to have Tonia as a coach also and plays in many tournaments throughout the State. So if you think you may be intimidated by the blokes then Tonia is your coach.
She is a top scout and a sensational draw bowler.

The young Priddle boys are competitive, technical and a lot of fun to bowl with. They want you to get it right and will set drills according to skill level. They will try and get you into playing midweek or Saturday pennant if that is your aim.

Papa Prids is good for the beginners and relies on basic technical skills to get you started. If you want a group lesson with friends (barefoot or just a practice with a mate) he can get you well on the way to drawing the perfect bowl.

All Club Coaches have Working with Children Certificates and are Safety Conscience

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